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    Amy "Bear Paw" Piper MA, BCC, IMn

    Coaching / Spiritual Counseling, Guidance and Healing


    When Amy begins working with my clients, I notice they receive more adjustment in a single session

    and hold that alignment longer than before.

    Dr. Liliana Warner, D.C.
    BGI Chiropractor


  • Who I Am

    My Background Includes:

    • Master’s Degree in Psychology:
      State University of West Georgia
    • Board Certified Coach:
      Nationally Recognized CCE
    • Founder: Healing Presence -
      An Original Spiritual Healing Approach
    • Graduate: Value-Centered
      Business Development Programs
    • Studied and Practiced Vibrational Medicine and Mind-body Health:
      Twenty-five Years.

    • Private Practice since 1997
    • Phone Sessions Offered Across the United States

    The heart transcends gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and spiritual tradition. Standing Rooted welcomes all who honor truth and love.

  • How Will My Services Help?

    As your clients begin to heal and make changes, new challenges often surface. Or your client may ask you for help with a problem, but you don't have the time or ability to help with that issue because it's outside your central professional expertise. That's what I'm here for... to help your client resolve things that get in the way of your work together, so you can better help them rise to the next level of health, well-being and competence.


    My specialty is helping Highly Sensitive People who are very intuitive or empathic. They may not recognize how chronic challenges with inner well-being, relationships and health are related to this beautiful gift. Over time I've learned that Highly Sensitive People need a specific kind of assistance, and it's my calling to make sure they can find the kind of support that really helps.


    You will learn more about which of your clients may be Highly Sensitive People as you read further.

    You can also click here to learn more about Highly Sensitive People and Subtle Sense Awareness.

  • How Do You Know Which Clients Will Benefit

    Most from Working with Me?

    Common Characteristics

    • Intelligent and creative, their minds flow in unique, "out-of-the-box" ways.  They will know intuitively if this is the right fit for them. 
    • May be interested in meditation, prayer or other means of finding inner balance and refuge.
    • Tend to be aware of the emotions and thoughts of others, and sometimes feel overwhelmed by that experience.
    • Have "subtle sense" experiences like awareness of energy fields, communicating with ancestors, remembering "other lives", knowing when something is about to happen or when someone close to them is in trouble, or even seeing events that are taking place far away.
    • Are mindful of a Higher Power which is important to them, although they may not belong to a specific religious tradition.
    • Have awareness of their own faults or limitations, and are willing to grow past those problems.
    • Very passionate about their work, which probably provides assistance to other people in unique ways. 
    • Experience an inner sense of purpose, but aren’t yet sure how that would look or whether they can achieve such a vision.  
    • Believe in getting to the root cause of symptoms and problems that upset them.




    Struggles They Face

    • May struggle to balance their passionate interests and professional success with personal needs like rest, fun, family and relationship time.
    • May long for environments which are peaceful and calm, even though they are drawn to assist with the chaos and neediness of others.
    • Find themselves often fatigued, overwhelmed, or even resentful due to busy schedules, high standards, and a deeply caring nature.
    • Experience chronic or recurring anxiety, illness or physical pain that gets in the way of feeling at peace and achieving important goals.
    • May need resolution for events from the past which are still affecting them. 
    • Feel frustrated because they compulsively use food or another substance in a way that has negative or painful consequences, even if they are very disciplined and healthy in other ways.
    • May see their sensitivity as a weakness and be embarrassed, overwhelmed or even ashamed of their intuitive sense, making it difficult to embrace who they are.
    • Might have young children who are highly sensitive, so they seem to notice things others don't. They want to support the child's subtle sense gifts while helping them feel safe, fit in with peers and find their true place in the world.
    • Feel frustrated, sad or unfulfilled because they feel a sense of purpose but don't know how to express it.




  • Enjoying Resolutions

    Professionals Who Have Entrusted Me with their Clients

    Lisa Provost

    Licensed Nutritional Counselor


    When nutrition patients begin to heal physically under my care, their own subtle senses become more evident to them - the fog is lifting from their minds and and they are less distracted by thoughts about chronic pain and other symptoms. Sometimes they feel confused by this greater awareness and view it as a new symptom, and may even regress or stop treatment because they feel so uncomfortable.

    I find they benefit greatly from working with Amy, because she helps them better understand how the new stimuli and information coming to them is useful not only in their own healing, but in every aspect of their lives. Once that piece falls into place, their overall health improves exponentially.

    Licensed Practicing Counselor


    I have clients who tell me about "knowing things" without understanding how they know, or having their ancestors or 'spirits' communicate with them - things like that. They report that these events are almost always useful in some way but not understanding where this comes from makes them feel frustrated or even nervous. I had to acknowledge I don't have the right skills to help.

    Once these clients start working with Amy, their anxiety dissolves and their self-esteem

    sky-rockets almost overnight. They get excited about developing their "subtle sense skill" and applying it to their "sense of purpose". As this happens, I watch their depression and frustration dissipate.

    They seem to develop a whole new language and perception of themselves and find an important reason to be in the world. They move from being stuck to being powerful participants in their own lives - I'm so glad I know someone I can trust to fill in those gaps and guide my clients into the next level of real health and well-being!

    Licensed Massage Therapist


    I have clients who talk a lot on the table and have a lot of trouble getting calm. I just listen and know it helps them to vent, but they need more and I'm not trained to help resolve those kinds of problems. Many of them aren't comfortable with traditional counseling and don't know where to go.


    I've found that so many of these clients feel comfortable and safe with Amy. And as their problems resolve their physical tension starts to dissolve too.

    I also
    notice that instead of complaining or fretting like before, they're more likely to relax and breathe on the table so their body "lets me in" to do deeper work. That means they're taking in more healing and actually making real progress. I can focus on the bodywork which is my gift and get stronger results, because my clients are healing on other levels too.


    Certified Life Coach


    I've learned that regardless of what area of life a person is working on, Amy can almost always help - especially if they are people who enjoy things like meditation, yoga or exploring different spiritual traditions. Sometimes a client isn't quite right for my practice, but I know they will connect with Amy.

  • Happy Participants


    Business Owner & Mom


    I was not in a good place when I met Amy. My personal journey of awakening was not as pleasant as the stories I read on the internet. Most of the time, I had no clue what was happening to me or to my highly sensitive child. Once we began working together, I began to understand what and why it's happening. I learned how to navigate my life, so I would not be in distress anymore. My migraines became less frequent and less intense, and I resolved some hurts from bad things that happened when I was a little girl. Most importantly for me, I found answers and PEACE!


    Amy is amazing in explaining things. She helps me find answers to my questions, helps me find clarity and understand my subtle sense gifts. It is so much easier for me to talk to my child and explain things to him, since I understand the gifts better now. I'm looking forward to each call with Amy! She amazes me every time and I'm forever grateful for the peace and comfort she provides me!


    Corporate Manager​


    My body kept twisting and wouldn't hold the correct alignment for even a whole day. I couldn't dance or do a lot of my favorite yoga poses anymore because of the pain, and I started to feel really old. My chiropractor suggested I meet with Amy. In our first session we found a belief that's been carried in my family for a long time. I felt relieved after that session, and a day later my hips moved into alignment and my back and jaw relaxed. It's held for two weeks already and my friends say I look younger now that my face isn't contorted with pain. My chiropractor says my body is holding my adjustments a lot longer, so I know I'm getting more value for each session!


    The best though, is that my daughter says she feels more comfortable talking to me now. I didn't realize how much my pain and anger affected my relationship with her. That's worth diamonds and gold!


    Financial Manager, Wife & Mom



    I work in finance where I have to ask people to repay their loans. Sometimes they don't treat me well, and I used to get so upset and drained. It affected everything, especially when I came home to my family.

    Amy showed me how to protect my energy and feelings without shutting down. Now I don't get so worn out and I'm more even-keeled. I have more clarity before I react, even when my two-year-old has a tantrum. That eliminates a lot of the daily stress and exhaustion. My blood pressure dropped too and I've spontaneously started to lose some weight. My doctor is happy and my husband is so glad to have his wife back!


    Business Owner, Hairstylist and Mom



    People tell me their stories and complain a lot about their lives to me while I style their hair. I used to get so exhausted and drained at work, especially after the cancer diagnosis. Amy introduced me to some easy practices I could do anytime even while working, that helped me maintain a sense of well-being and energy. That made a huge difference in my recovery process.

    Debbie Malloy

    Licensed Practicing Counselor

    Certified Life Coach


    I've experienced so much healing in the moment with Amy that it is hard for me to grasp and put into words. It is truly something that has to be felt! I feel gentle guidance that validates my feelings and is in perfect alignment with the nature of my soul.


    In one session I completely understood why I held two conflicting and limiting truths, and it suddenly integrated into one simple truth. That moment healed a defense mechanism that no longer served a purpose for me, and I became more at peace AND more empowered in my relationships.


    Thank you Amy!

    With gratitude!


    Chiropractor, Wife & Mom



    My doctor recommended I talk with Amy. She "got me" right away. She showed me how (and why) I tune into the painful emotions of people and systems around me, and then I end up drained and irritable. Amy has helped me see how my natural empathic gifts need to nourish me first, and then I can help and nurture others without hurting myself. I see now that my family and friends are better served this way, I'm a better model for my clients, and best of all, I feel 100 percent happier!  

  • Further Comments

    From Those Who Have Entrusted Me with their Clients

    Amy embodies an open, accepting and gentle presence, so each person feels safe exploring and aligning with their own values. That is invaluable in helping people to recognize their real goals in both personal and working life, and effectively reach them.

    Nicole R. Windsor, LPC


    Phoenix Resource Center, Inc.

    “I have come to respect Amy’s healing presence. She has real compassion and understanding, and holds a safe sacred space, which is so necessary for bringing things gently
    to one’s awareness.”

    Roy F., MD (Environmental Physician)




    Amy has all of the qualities that we at HeartMath look for in a coach, and I recommend her most highly as someone who brings unquestioned value, kindness and fulfillment to each of her coaching clients.”

    Toni Roberts

    Coach, Staff Member and Board Member

    HeartMath LLC


    To learn more about Amy and her qualifications and experience, go to http://aboutamy.strikingly.com

  • Kim, Licensed Professional Counselor and Empath

    I was craving some guidance from someone that could help me find balance, serenity, and a way to better fulfill my purpose in life as a mother and helper to others. I knew I didn’t need “counseling” for this. I needed something deeper and spiritual.


    I also knew that because of my empathic nature and ability to minimize, I needed someone that I felt safe and connected with that could “get” me and help me understand myself more. A friend and colleague recommended Amy. She was just the person I needed. When I'm irritable and tired, my sessions shift me to a whole different place where I have access to more love and happiness in my heart. I just wish I could bottle that up and drink it every day!

    Amy truly has been a blessing and a light in my life that's helped me create a path to peace and to better serve my family, clients, and most importantly myself. To connect with her is to connect with someone who emits unconditional love and acceptance while providing clarity and direction.

  • How Do Referrals Work for Your Office

    and Your Client?

    When practitioners provide their clients with referrals to other professionals who contribute to their entire health and well-being, the clients feel confident that the practitioner genuinely

    cares about them.

    • The referral process is simple, easy for your office and accessible for your client - and can be adjusted to fit the flow of your business. 
    • I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to your client so they can meet me, share their gifts and challenges, discover how comfortable we feel together, and determine how I can best help.
    • I will assist your client to clarify their needs and may offer helpful tools in this initial session. 
    • I will never place uncomfortable pressure on your client to work further with me. 

    My office is in north Georgia. I work by phone with clients all over the United States. Session cost is about $125 per

    90-minute session.



    The phone sessions are also a lovely bonus because they allow me to be more open and vulnerable with the convenience of being at the office, at home or out in nature where I feel more connected. That removes anxiety and eliminates any feelings of being self-conscious. And I don’t have to fight traffic, before or after my session!
    Kim H., Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Special Offerings

    Private Mini-Sessions
    I can provide private, introductory mini-sessions in your professional space so your clients can meet me, share what's going on for them and receive some recommendations or insights.

    Group Events.

    I also offer group experiences in small, intimate group settings (6 to 15 people)
    These are designed to bring new knowledge, insights, healing and rejuvenation.

    I will tailor a group experience based on matters that are important to your clients
    and complement the approach they receive from you.


    This can happen in an "open house" setting in your professional space, or on another day that suits the flow of your office. I have offered these events in north Georgia (including Atlanta), South Carolina and North Carolina.



    Praise for Group Experiences


    “I love how things aren’t set in stone – we follow the flow of the group energy with Amy.
    Sometimes we don’t really know what we need until we get there and I'm surprised by the result –
    Amy leads us intuitively where we really need to go.”
    Katharina G, Business Owner and Parent
    Participant in Group Events


    “I have known Amy "Bear Paw" Piper professionally for 18 years.
    As a guide and teacher, Amy meets clients exactly where they are in the moment
    with compassion and presence. She is able to track and support individuals in a group
    while guiding the group as a whole into a deep and healing space.

    Rev. Kimberly Cahill
    Founder of the Souls Journey Program

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    I would be honored to support your clients and help them resolve their challenges.


    I will personally respond to your confidential message below.

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    I see clients from all over the United States by phone.